NutriCounter is an electronic calorie counter and calculator in one.

NutriCounter is easy and fun to use NutriCounter helps keep track of calories consumed NutriCounter keeps track so you don't have to

NUTRICOUNTER Calorie Counter


Q: Exactly how does the NutriCounter work?

A: The NutriCounter has over 2,000 food items stored in memory. You can call up foods that you eat and save the nutritional information into daily totals for each of the nine nutritional categories. You always know at a glance how many calories, fats, carbohydrates etc. you have eaten at any time of the day. The daily totals (for the last 30 days) are stored into memory and are available at the touch of a button. Monitoring food intake has long been the choice of physicians and health professionals worldwide. The NutriCounter makes this process a snap. No more journals or log keeping with a pen, paper, and books. With the added features such as AVERAGE, GOAL, BALANCE, and NEW the NutriCounter is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Q: Can the NutriCounter be used with the diet plan that I am currently on, specifically the Atkins Diet? Can I target other health issues? Can it be used by itself?

A: The NutriCounter is an excellent tool that can be used with ANY program that you may be on. Whether you are trying to lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, following a prescribed plan for heart or diabetes related concerns, or just want to maintain peak health, you will find the NutriCounter's feedback to be invaluable. Just ask your doctor or health professional, they will agree. It is also a great stand-alone product that will help you achieve your particular health goals.

Q: I have Diabetes, how can the NutriCounter help me?

A: The NutriCounter is excellent for helping you to keep track of carbohydrates. However, it also helps with the "other" areas such as fats, sodium, cholesterol etc. if that is important to you. Always check with your physician.

Q: I have had trouble staying with diets because I sometimes "cheat" and just give up. How does the unit help someone like me?

A: Many people have the same problem you describe. The NutriCounter helps you stay motivated because when you use the AVERAGE function, you oftentimes will see that overall you are still doing well. A bad day or two does not mean you have to give up.

Q: Do I have to spell out the entire food item name when looking up a food?

A: In most cases 2 or 3 letters then "enter" will get you to the food of your choice. You do not have to spell out the entire word. You also have a scrolling feature to get you to the food item of your choice.

Q: How do I know if my food choice is even in the NutriCounter?

A: Chances are excellent that it will be, but the unit will "beep" if it is not. Remember you can always add that item to your unit at anytime. We also include a copy of the food list exactly as it is in the NutriCounter to help you familiarize yourself with the unit.

Q: Why 2,000 foods AND 400 open locations?

A: The NutriCounter is intentionally designed to give you access to common and not so common foods, and fast food restaurants, with a great cross section of items. Since most people are creatures of habit, and rarely eat more than 30 - 40 different items a month, the true bonus of the NutriCounter is the 400 open locations. You can enter your favorite foods for quick and easy look up, use these locations to customize your program, or enter special foods you may be eating due to doctor recommendations or a specific diet plan you may be on.

Q: The unit looks somewhat like a calculator. Is it hard to use? Is it a calculator?

A: The NutriCounter is designed to be user friendly, thus the familiar look. Although the unit automatically performs nine different functions simultaneously, you rarely have to push more than two buttons to get the information you request. The unit was designed by "ordinary" folks. Most of our clients say they were able to use the NutriCounter right out of the box. We do include a manual that is easy to read and makes sense. Yes, your NutriCounter can also be used as a calculator.

Q: How does the price of your product compare with other programs?

A: How does FREE sound? Think about this... with most programs you pay up front, then you probably pay for reordering. Or maybe special foods. Or pills, powders, or potions. Maybe you have already spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on various plans. Then you get your instructions and you are told to also watch what you eat.

The NutriCounter pays for itself. One less candy bar a day adds up. If you attain better health, a couple less doctor visits. Maybe just a little less food. All of this saves you money. You never have to reorder. In fact, in a very short period of time, the NutriCounter ACTUALLY PAYS YOU to use it.

Q: What comes with my NutriCounter?

A: You receive the unit, an instruction manual, a nutritional guidelines manual, a copy of the foodlist exactly as it is in the unit, a Tips for Success guide, and a progress chart.

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