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What is Male Impotence?

Male Impotence is the lack of or ability to have a mental and/or physical attraction to sexual stimulation. Most men will have male impotence every once in a while or for short periods of time. About 30 million men in America alone have impotence regularly. Impotence is typically most common in men over the age of 65, but it can occur in middle-aged or younger men. Impotence isn't just part of aging and often has a cause that can be treated. Most men feel awkward talking about impotence. But the truth is that many men with impotence can be helped. Talk to your family doctor to find out what treatment may help you. Causes for Impotence can occur when something gets in the way of the process your body goes through to get an erection. This process involves the brain, which controls what you see, hear, feel, smell and think; the nerves, which pass messages from your brain to your body; and the blood vessels in your penis, which open to allow blood to flow in.

What Causes Male Impotence?

Physical causes are at the root of the problem in more than half of the men who have male impotence. Physical causes can include diseases that damage the blood vessels and block the flow of blood into the penis. Diseases that damage the nerves that carry messages of arousal from your brain to your blood vessels can also lead to impotence. Other diseases can lower your level of testosterone or your levels of other male hormones, which can also lead to impotence. Certain drugs may affect the flow of blood to your penis or the hormone levels in your blood. Drugs that may lead to impotence include some antidepressants, some high blood pressure medicines and most tranquilizers.

What Can I Do About Male Impotence?

If you think you have male impotence and your impotence is related to a drug you're taking, talk to your doctor. There may be another drug you can take instead. You should also evaluate your lifestyle including your work, eating, sleeping, diet and exercise habits to see if one or more of these could be a cause as well.

Male Enhancement Products

Male enhancement products can help you with male impotence and erectile dysfunction. These all-natural herbal remedies are safe, easy to use and conveinent to fit your schedule and needs. There are many forms available now and this is why we have offered for many years now VP-RX, Magna-RX and VigRX in the pill forms. If you would prefer to use a transdermal skin patch, commonly referred to as a penis patch, we offer Virility Patch Rx, Vigorgen Patch and XCEL Patch. If you would prefer to try a cream or oil type we offer MAXODERM, MAXOLUBE and VP-RX Oil as a possible assist in this area. These male enhancement products may also help overcome deficiencies in other related areas which you may not be aware of. The best results feedback we receive from our customers tell us that using a pill or patch form with a cream or oil form seems to work best for them as they can see results right away and they continue over time.

Diet & Virility Pills Diet - Weight Loss Sexual Enhancement Skin Care About Us Contact Us

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