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Fem Sations (ACTivator) Female Orgasm Cream


Why Use Fem-Sations?

Because 97% of Men experience orgasm through intercourse, but only 25% of Women achieve orgasm during intercourse. That's Just Not Fair! No wonder Women are often sexually dissatisfied.

Sexual Dissatisfaction Only 26% of Men report that they are sexually dissatisfied, compared to 46% of Women. Let's face it, women's bodies are more complicated. Some women report never having an orgasm during intercourse. And it gets even harder as we age. The media has recently focused on these issues, even 'The Oprah Show' is talking about the 'Silent Epidemic'.
Who Can Benefit? From women experiencing menopause, hysterectomies, difficulty climaxing, to women who can never get enough! Almost Anyone! Women across all age groups are reporting increased intensity and frequency of orgasms and often report an increase in lubrication. Even women who reported having an active, satisfying sex life reported enhanced orgasms with Fem-Sations.

Fem-Sations is a female sexual enhancement cream And don't forget about your partners, they benefit too! What an ego boost when you initiate sex because you want it more; you want them more. Being desired by your partner is one of the best feelings in the world. It's a wonderful gift for you and your partner!

And if you are a man reading this, give this gift to your girlfriend/wife. The perfect gift that keeps on giving.
Renewed Relationships Just as sexual dissatisfaction can play a part in your every day life, so can Sexual Satisfaction. Couples often report their use of Fem-Sations has made them feel like honeymooners again. The past stresses of sexual tension and guilt are replaced with communication, intimacy, and renewed sexual desire. Revive your sex life!

Fem-Sations is the Ultimate Female Orgasm Sexual Enhancement Cream!


We are sorry ACTivator Creme is no longer available.

Please try Vigorelle Female Orgasm Cream!

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