ACTivator Cream (Formerly Fem-Sations) Female Orgasm Cream
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ACTivator Female Orgasm Cream

ACTivator Cream (Formerly Fem-Sations)

Female Orgasm Enhancement Cream

For many females achieving an orgasm can be quite difficult if not almost impossible.

ACTivator Cream is a refined herbal essence of exclusive stimulants that helps women to effectively achieve orgasms - many of whom have never been able to experience fulfillment.

Clinically Developed

Dr. Chris Pachex, a Clinical Professor of OB/GYN, began almost ten years ago to research and eventually develop a harmless formulation that would address this problem.

For most women just a very small amount of ACTivator Cream will produce long-lasting, intense, and gratifying orgasmic pleasure. ACTivator Cream is intended to aid in the stimulation of the clitoris in order to cause an orgasm or increase the duration and intensity of an orgasm.

ACTivator Cream is a topical cream containing L-Arginine and Menthol; two ingredients that facilitate sexual arousal when applied to the clitoris.

L-Arginine and other necessary ingredients, when applied correctly to the clitoris, will cause extremely pleasurable sensations that may not have been experienced before.

L-Arginine is a natural amino acid that is not produced by the human body. The best way to acquire this essential amino acid is through nutritional supplements. L-Arginine contains a metabolite called nitric acid that effects the relaxation of blood vessels. Relaxing blood vessels has a positive effect on increased blood flow. One of the leading causes of impotence in both men and women is small vessel blood restriction in the genital area. L-Arginine is readily absorbed by the tissues of the skin thus relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow. This activity in the vaginal area results in orgasm achievement. For women that are currently not having a problem with this condition, using L-Arginine will cause better, longer, and stronger orgasms.

Look at the many positive reasons for using this product:

  • The easiest, fastest, doctor-approved method to achieve an orgasm.
  • Works instantly on contact requiring a minimal amount of effort and product.
  • Automatically targets the G-Spot for maximum sexual response and orgasms.
  • Completely safe to use with no side effects.
  • No prescription required.
  • Pharmaceutical-grade formulation and ingredients.
  • Larger size container.
  • Price per ounce (gram) less expensive than the competition.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol USP, L-Arginine USP, Hydroxethylcellulose NF, Menthol USP, Menthylparaben USP, Purified Water USP. These essential ingredients compare favorably to Viacreme, Vibrafem, Gel Sensuel, Vigorelle and many other similar products, most of which sell for much more than our special introductory price!

Directions: Gently apply a small amount of ACTivator Cream to your finger. Message the labia, clitoris, and outer vaginal area for a few minutes. Reapply as often as desired or necessary. Do not use if pregnant. Avoid contact with eyes. keep out of the reach of children.

Contents: One container of ACTivator Cream 2oz. (58g) in a sealed jar that affords approximately 100 applications.


ACTivator Cream is the Ultimate Female Orgasm Sexual Enhancement Cream!


We are sorry ACTivator Creme is no longer available.

Please try Vigorelle Female Orgasm Cream!

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