Dietcalc Diet Calculator & Calorie Counter
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Dietcalc Diet Planner

Dietcalc Diet and Exercise Counter

Dietcalc Diet Calculator & Calorie Counter

Dietcalc Helps You Organize:
  • Diabetic Diets
  • Low Carbohydrate Diets
  • Sports Diets
  • Weight Loss Diets

The Dietcalc electronic calorie calculator offers you an easy to use, no-nonsense, hi-tech approach that can help you reach your dietary, nutrition and exercise goals. Designed with you in mind it allows users to quickly and easily track and store their personal diet, nutrition and exercise information. Dietcalc's pre-programmed Food database contains over 2000 items, including fast food restaurant menu items, and you can easily add your own favorites as well. Simply select your food and adjust the portion and then save it to provide an accurate account of an individual's daily, weekly or monthly food intake. Nutrients automatically tracked include: Calories, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Total Carbohydrates, Sugar, Fiber, Protein and BMI.

Dietcalc is designed to allow you to quickly and easily track and monitor daily nutritional goals, weight and BMI. Body Mass Index is quickly becoming the popular goal to track for many athletes and those who wish to lower their overall bodyfat. Dietcalc's new "BMI" key allows the user to record and track their daily weight in pounds or kilos and calculates BMI. With this new function you only need to enter your weight once a day and Dietcalc will automatically calculate (BMI). This function key also allows you to scroll back 90 days (one day at a time) to review or edit weight and BMI. This handheld nutrition and diet device can be used with any dietary, diabetic or sports program and can be customized to fit any individual's specific diet needs.

Dietcalc Helps Keeps You On Track For Your Goals

Achieving your diet goal motivation is provided by the Dietcalc's Goal Function which allows users to program limits on each of the categories. The Averaging function let's you know that even if you had a bad day, you're still on track to reach your overall goals. The Balance function provides a quick check on how you're doing today versus your goals. Just like with it's predecessor the NutriCounter, if you're serious about losing weight, controlling blood pressure, keeping sugar in check, lowering cholesterol, or an athlete in training the Dietcalc is the key to nutritional awareness.

How To Use Dietcalc Diet Planner

Using Dietcalc is easy. Just enter the first few letters of a food item and it will take you to a food (or to a particular restaurant such as Taco Bell, McDonalds, etc.) You can then easily scroll through the menu items to a particular food or meal. Remember you can quickly pre-program your own favorite foods (including fast food from your favorite restaurants.) By pressing the save button, you enter the nutritional information of your meal into the DietCalc's memory. You simply repeat this process for each meal or food item.

Now that the nutritional Information for ALL your meals has been "saved" in your Dietcalc, it can be viewed "at a glance" on a daily, weekly or monthly basis! With the display mode buttons, you can easily do the following:

  • Set your own GOALS for each category. The categories will then blink when the user is about to exceed pre-set goals in any of the individual items.
  • Obtain an "AVERAGE" daily consumption of 2-90 days.
  • Find out the "BALANCE" left of each days meal consumption.
  • Can change "PORTION" size to match what is being eaten.
  • "TODAY" button shows the totals for the day to that point.
  • "SAVE" button is used to store the nutritional information of each item.

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